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Roof top gardens as a food source

Print screen of twitter conversation

Twitter conversation about rooftop gardens

Green roof tops and rooftop gardens can be important as regards producing food both for animals and humans. Projects ongoing in some cities in America are setting a good example for creative projects involving such gardens.

An demonstration of the way in which this has been effective in terms of animals is in the work done by the researcher Dustin Partridge in New York City. In a filmed package he shows us what rooftop gardens are doing for the environment in terms of providing food for some rare species of bird such as rare peregrine falcons and humming birds.

The film also highlights the close biological relationships between insects and birds and the importance of green roofs in encouraging larger numbers of insects which in turn support populations of birds within cities.

Also, in the area of Brooklyn for example, there are entire farms on top of roofs. Eagle Street Rooftop Farm provides fresh vegatables for people in the area by way of an onsite farmers market.

To see what is being done here in London. We recently we asked our followers on twitter what they thought of the possibilities of ideas for rooftop gardens in London. We received a reply from the organisation Capital Growth informing us about projects such as Food from the Sky a permaculture, food growing and educational initiative on a root top in North London and about the work of Bootstrap Company.

Rebecca Wells former BBC radio producer on Radio 4’s The Food Programme replied to our tweet notifying us about a roof garden cafe/bar designed by the Eden Project in the Southbank Centre. It includes as well as a cafe bar: allotments, fruit trees and wild flowers.

By Olivia and Lou


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