Green Rooftops

7 ways to make your Roof Green without planting it

1) Install solar panels on your roof to offset household electricity bills.

2) Heat your water on your roof. Saves you from using gas or electricity for a hot shower.

3) Adding insulation under your roof can majorly reduce heat losses from a house. That can save you big time on heating bills during the cold months.

4) Using the roof to capture water is very sustainable, especially in areas of low rainfall. Dirty water can be used to water plants and in toilets. Alternatively, water can be filtered and used as tap water.

5) This only works in the right area, and in buildings with the right type of construction. Thermal mass can essentially regulate the temperature of a building by storing heat over long periods of time. It essentially acts as a temperature buffer, evening out the effects of extremes of weather outside.

6) If you have a roof that’s useable for something and you aren’t, put into action. Using space where it’s in limited supply, such as in the city, embodies sustainable thinking. And it doesn’t matter whether you decide to start a herb garden on it, install bird boxes, store a bike or just read on it once in a while.

7) There are some roof coatings and claddings that can make a roof more sustainable. They’re sometimes even available in Green. Some have insulating and heat reflective properties, whilst others increase the durability of the roof coating so that it needs replacing less often. Finding which ones will genuinely have a positive environmental impact may be tricky, but it could be worth the effort.

By Philippa


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