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Welcome, butterflies

So far, we’ve seen that even in big cities like London you can grow almost every plant on a rooftop: flowers, grass for insulation, food.

There are many initiatives taking place on the top of buildings all over Europe, most of them related to food and local communities. People like to meet in a green, quiet place, but often don’t have the time to move to the countryside.

But sky gardens are populated not only by humans and plants. There are smaller guests that, though sometimes being forgotten, are very important for urban biodiversity: insects. You may see bees buzzing at your petunies, or if you are very lucky, you will attract butterflies.

The Green Rooftop has done some research, and discovered that to attract your favourite butterflies you just need to grow the plants they like the most. So we have looked at the five most common butterfly species in London, and looked at their favourite flowers, to map the perfect butterfly friendly garden.

Click on the cover below to see the infographic:


Image Credits (Creative Commons license): Lou Del Bello, Helsinky Secret Garden, Flickr/EwanJP, Flickr/BadAlley, Flickr/DaveF, Flickr/DiamondFlamer, Flickr/I-R-Paulus, Flickr/Anne-Tenn, Flickr/DKFrost, Flickr/Matthew42.


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