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Watch this space – green rooftops coming to a roof near you!

From those on the ground (or even on the roof), we ask people working in the industry what they think is going to happen in the future. Here’s what they have to say:

‘The best green roof considers everybody in the building,’ adds Alex Woodcraft, from The Ecology Consultancy. 

Rooftops are catching on fast and there is worldwide interest in all the benefits these additions can have.

‘The demand is increasing but also the awareness….people want one,’ says Caroline Littler, Project Officer at Lindum GreenRoofs.

‘Green rooftops offer so many benefits –it absorbs CO2, it absorbs 50 per cent of rainfall so helps on drainage system, it doubles the lifespan of a roof aswell as offering insulation properties and aesthetic attraction,’ says John Noordam from Polygrow.

From ecology consultants to seed growers, they have all noticed a growing recognition of green rooftop and the trends seem to be heading up – from schools to dustbin covers.

‘Green rooftops create outdoor spaces for children to learn in,’ says Dan Monck, Founder of Green Roof Shelters

‘We are seeing a worldwide increase for green roofs. We have nursery in Netherlands where we supply Europe but also have two branches in America and Canada, and two years ago Chinease market,’ saya Joost de Gier Sale Manager from Sempergreen.

By Becky


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