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Storify: Discovering Green Roofs @ Ecobuild

Everything can be covered in green: roofs, cycle shelters, binstores. The GreenRooftop crowd took a day off to report on Ecobuild. An event you don’t want to miss if you are into sustainable architecture! #innovation, #science #goodpractice
  1. Early in the morning.

    Ok, this might not be my best piece of art but I was half asleep.

  2. And soon enough we are ready to go!

  3. After more than an hour of transport disaster, here we are! #finally
  4. Collecting badges…

  5. …And planning in detail. Too much stuff to do and too little time!
  6. You can spend ages chatting around. Sooo many people, so many ideas.

  7. Good chat with @ecologyconsult about the importance of biodiversity in green roofing #Ecobuild
  8. Next stop: a place to learn how to build #houses  from #waste.
  9. Remember this face: she’s the next queen of mainstream!
  10. Lunchtime. Reviewing shots… good stuff!
  11. Afternoon, more green rooftops.
    There’s a whole industry and advanced technologies behind.

  12. Have a break: answer our quiz.
  13. Meanwhile… #Ecobuild is top trend
  14. Trending no1 on #twitter again…#ecobuild @ecobuild_now @UBMBE @TBroughton @ninatweets
  15. Grass and paper to build the city of the future…
  16. …because we want to make it better.


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