Reus 112: Spain’s first LEED

Reus 112 is Spain’s first public facility to receive LEED certification, which is the recognised standard for measuring building sustainability. The building is home to Catalonia’s new emergencies management and service system and was designed by ACXT, a team of award winning architects.

Reus 112 building

Image courtesy of Adrià Goula

The project’s concept was to bring together several operative bodies under one roof. As a result, the architects focused on the synergie of the various operative bodies in a single, common space. Another priority was to meet the client’s specifications with a sustainable approach. This was achieved by integrating a number of green components into the building’s design. The Reus 112 is set to save more than 50% on water consumption and 34% on energy consumption, in comparison to an average building. The water management system uses low-consumption bathroom fittings, which work with a double discharge set-up. Any grey water, or wastewater, is stored in recovery tanks and is used to fill toilets. In addition, high-efficiency air-condensed cooling plants and high-efficiency condensation boilers are used to cool and heat the facility, respectively.

Reus 112

Image courtesy of Adrià Goula

Lighting in every room is controlled by movement sensors or time switches to minimise energy waste. The design of Reus 112 also maximises the use of natural light, as seen in the photo above. Then, the staff changing rooms have underfloor heating that is supplied by geothermal energy.

The result is a building complex that brings together a set of operative bodies, which include the police,the  fire authorities and the civil protection service, which were previously scattered around the territory of Catalonia. By placing significant focus on sustainability and energy efficiency the architects were able to create a building that serves the purpose of the workforce and the need for responsible architecture.

By Katherine


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