London Sustainability Tours

Image of a building from the sustainable green tours

Sustainable Architecture Tours and Cutting-Edge Green Tours, founded by Cate Trotter, aim to bust myths about the way we impact on our surroundings and the relative merits of different ways of being environmentally conscious. They explain ways that we can reduce our negative effects on the environment, especially in a city as large and busy as London.

I met with Cate to discuss the business that she started herself in 2008. When asked what inspired her to set up these tours, she said that her degree in design and eco-design at Goldsmiths College, London sparked her interest in low-impact and sustainable living.

The walking tours share facts that may surprise even those who have lived in London for a long time. For example:

  • The Boris Bikes help reduce the city’s carbon emissions, but are not made in a sustainable way.
  •  By not eating meat in a restaurant you save more energy than by recycling or eating only organic food.
  • The Gherkin building has air pockets on each floor that effectively act as enormous double-glazing, however this wastes considerable amounts of floor space.
  • The Heron Tower in Bishopsgate controls heat with heat recovery thermal wheels. These are contain a heat-absorbing material which take up waste heat energy. They also make use of solar panels to generate energy.

The target audience for these tours is another interesting aspect of the business. The Cutting-Edge Green Tours are geared towards a more general audience, attracting many students and youth. The Sustainable Architecture Tour, on the other hand, may be better suited for those with a special interest or background in the subject. An explanation of fifteen different approaches to sustainable building is detailed on the tour.

Insider London offers deals for groups of students and bespoke visits, for those interested in a particular aspect of sustainable living.

Price for Cutting-Edge Green Tour – £30 per person
Time – 3 hours including break at leading green coffee venue
“Join in” tours take place Fridays at 2pm and Sundays 2.30
Private tours available for groups of four or more on day and time of choice

Price for Sustainable Architecture Tour – £30 per person, £25 for students
Time- 2 hours
“Join in” tours take place on Thursdays at 3pm
Private tours are available for groups of six or more on day and time of your choice

Sustainable London Architecture Tours:

By Olivia


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